Plus Size Sexy Lingerie: Sexy Is as Sexy Does

Full-figured women shouldn't have to feel bad about their bodies. With plus size sexy lingerie, they are able to look hot and feel great as well. Undergarments for women with lush figures are available in a variety of colors and designs, and made from a variety of luxurious materials, such as silk and satin. From naughty French maid- and school girl-themed motifs, to elegant and classic shape formers, plus size sexy lingerie has the ability to make a voluptuous lady revel in her womanhood.

Open any lingerie catalogue and you are not likely to find overweight women models there. Only a handful of celebrities have appeared in plus size intimate wear photographs in print media, such as Anna Nicole Smith. On the other hand, the Internet is ablaze with photographs of women modeling plus size sexy lingerie. Web sites offering these products portray heavy women in a positive light, showcasing how attractive and sexy they can be. In addition to privacy issues, maybe this is one of the reasons why many overly well-endowed women prefer shopping for plus size intimate wear online. Not very many retail stores prominently show advertisements that promote the unconventional appeal of big beauties in their plus size intimate wear.

That being said, increasing numbers of lingerie makers are recognizing that sexy intimate apparel is not the sole province of Barbie-type women. They have been coming out with designs that maximize a large woman's voluptuousness while minimizing the effect of the extra pounds she may be carrying. Baby doll and peek-a-boo designs point attention to the cleavage, breasts and buttocks, while detracting attention from the stomach and belly. Corsets pretty much do the same thing; they sculpt the waistline and emphasize the inches that count. Push-up bras, g-strings, chemises and other plus size intimate wear items all can make a woman feel naughty or nice, depending on her mood and the type of apparel she chooses.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it is said. Without a doubt, if a full-figured woman is confident enough in herself to wear plus size sexy lingerie, she will look beautiful not only to herself, but likely as not, to her significant other as well. Many men find voluptuous men very appealing and plus size sexy intimate enhances that appeal. A woman may wear sexy undergarments to please her man (or woman!), but that isn't a necessity. What is important is that with the help of plus size sexy lingerie, large-bodied women are able to feel as feminine and as desirable as the girls in the lingerie catalogs.

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