Large Size Man Shoes for A Woman? Why Not?

Sometimes, when a big woman can't find the right footwear for her in the ladies' department, perhaps large size man shoes will do the job.

One of the banes of biggish women is searching for a pair of comfortable plus size footwear. Such women should maybe consider buying large size man shoes. Numerous times we hear horror stories about how it could be a very frustrating experience to walk into an ordinary shoe store and gingerly ask for one's specific plus size--more embarrassing even when the sales clerk she'd ask would shout the size out loud to his fellow sales clerk, and the people would crane their neck and look her way with that knowing grin on their faces. Slowly, she'd inch toward the door, wanting to get out of there as fast and as inconspicuously as she could.

She might be fuming mad with this traumatic experience; but knowing the resourceful woman that she is, though, she'd think, "Who needs your girly laced-up shoes, anyway?" And she would readily (maybe even angrily) march to the store for large size man shoes next door. And why ever not?

A pair of large size man shoes could be comfortable for a woman to wear, too, especially if the pair she would be buying is for everyday use in the office where she wears semi-formal slacks, anyway. And matching should not be a problem--the universally neutral black or brown should be easy to match with any semi-formal slacks ensemble for both men and women.

From the same store, she can also find plus size footwear that would snugly fit her for her sporting needs. Her feet would not have to ache from all that walking if she could find a large size man shoes for her walking or jogging needs. Besides, she can take comfort in the fact that a number of women celebrities have big feet: Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, and Mariah Carey, to name a few.

The clerks in a plus size footwear store would also know how to guide her through their stock from which she could make the choice. They would be familiar with comfort as well as style for their clients. To them, it does not really matter that the client is a man or a woman--the same standards of comfort would apply. So don't be shy now. Go ahead and purchase that large size man shoes you so need! After all, even more than glamour, comfort is what is important.

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